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Welcome to the 2017 TCYO Hotfire Memorial

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WHEN: Aug. 12-13 & 19-20, 2017
WHERE: Miamitown, OH
FEES: Swarmers & Passers: $115, Wings: $125 Strikers, Kickers, Minors & Seniors: $150
Application deadline was: Monday, Aug 7, 2017
PAY TO: TCYO; PO Box 7, Miamitown, OH 45041
Taylor Creek Youth Organization

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Team Check-In & a few other things
August 10, 2017
Good morning,

We are only a couple days away from the tournament, so here are a few notes:

Rosters/Payment: Please stop by the tournament table prior to your first game to turn in a COPY of your team's official SAY roster (signed by your coordinator). This must be a copy that we can keep. Also, you will need to turn in your payment. If your payment has already been mailed to us or if your club is paying for all of your teams on one check, that is fine.

Uniforms: We know that it is pre-season and some teams will not have their uniforms just yet; this is fine. Just make sure your players all wear the same color shirt. It is also a good idea to have everyone bring the same color alternate shirt in case of color conflicts. We do have a few sets of pennies, in case you need them, but would be best for you to have your own, in case ours are already being used or if we don't have enough or the right size, etc.

Parking/Traffic: We have a large # of teams in the tournament, so that means traffic & parking will be a bit hectic. Please tell your families to plan enough time for traffic and for finding a parking space. It would be a good idea to carpool, if you can!

Pets: Please remember that TCYO does not allow pets to be brought into the park (service dogs are fine). If someone has a dog, they will be asked to remove it from the park -- & it is too hot for a pet to have to sit in the car. Please help us to avoid these unpleasant situations & spread the word to your teams.

Severe Weather: If lightning is seen or if thunder is heard, the referees will be instructed to stop the games. Everyone will need to clear the fields immediately - go to your cars or make your way to the shelter/concession stand pavilion. We will wait until we have 30 minutes of NO lightning/thunder. Every time there is lightning/thunder, the 30 minute clock is reset. Once we are all clear, the tournament committee will advise everyone, and you may then return to the fields and the referees will re-start the game. Game restart instructions: If you are in the first half (1st or 2nd quarter) of your game and it is stopped due to lightning/thunder, once we are all clear, your game will restart at the beginning of the 2nd half/3rd quarter. If you are in the second half (halftime, 3rd or 4th quarter) of your game and it is stopped due to lightning/thunder, your game will be concluded. The score at the time of the lightning/thunder will be the final score of your game (does not include semi or final games; restart instructions for semi-final & final games will be determined by the tournament director at that time.)

One last thing; remember that good sportsmanship starts with you. Set the tone for your players & parents. It is pre-season for everyone!

Let me know if you need anything...

Maggie Clark
Tournament Director, TCYO Hotfire Memorial
call or text: 513-675-5883

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Application deadline is tomorrow, 8/7/2017
August 06, 2017
We will be accepting applications until tomorrow evening, when we begin the scheduling process.

Once scheduling begins, any teams that apply will go on the waiting list.

Get your applications in ASAP so you don't miss out on our tournament!


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TCYO's 33rd Annual Hotfire Memorial - Now Accepting Applications!
July 01, 2017
Hello & welcome to TCYO's 33rd Annual Hotfire Memorial, SAY Pre-Season Soccer Tournament! We are now accepting applications for this year's tournament, which is August 12-13 & 19-20, 2017.

Last year we had a record number of teams and we are hoping to expand this year's tournament to be even bigger & better. Get your applications in NOW.

Hope to see you all there!

Maggie Clark
Tournament Director

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TCYO Hotfire Memorial
Maggie Clark, Tournament Director 513-675-5883
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